H.O.P.E. Missions, Inc. is an Independent, Fundamental Baptist outreach ministry of the Fairfield Baptist Church in Demorest, Georgia. We are focused on Helping Overseas Pastors Evangelize the lost in their home country. We are currently working with our missionary partners in the Philippines, Bro. Ed & Bro. Jireh Orcales. Our mission is to provide assistance for national pastors and their families as they evangelize the lost, edify believers, and establish local churches.  These national pastors currently receive no funding or sponsorship from any organization or mission board.  Our goal is to get these men into full-time ministry without the concern of how they will feed their families.  The average wages for a person in the Philippines is a mere $8-10 per day, and they can't afford to quit their jobs and go full-time into the ministry without support to do so.  We are seeking 500 individuals that are willing to partner with us for a low monthly contribution of $5 per month for a period of five years.  This money will be sent to the Philippines with the sole purpose of helping national pastors reach the lost with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  One hundred percent of contributions received will be sent to support these pastors.  Our desire is to bridge the divide between these national pastors and individuals or families within the United States that would like to become part of this low cost but crucial vision for the people of the Philippines.

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